shopify: How to setup Google shopping

In this RelayPM resource center video we discuss how we setup Google shopping using the Shopify Google Shopping app. This app walks you through setting up your Google merchant center, Google ads account and even conversion tracking.

Here at RelayPM we love when our clients use Shopify. It makes so much of what we do easier from product feeds to conversion tracking. If you’re currently managing a Shopify store and you’re looking to setup Google Shopping, we’ll show you exactly how (trust us, it’s easy).

Free free to watch the video above as well.

  1. Start by logging into your Shopify store

  2. Go to your apps section and then click the button to visit the Shopify app store

  3. In the search box type Google Shopping

    This will pull up a variety of options within the app store. We prefer to use the Shoify built pixel which is free and does more than enough for 90% of the Shopify stores that exist. See Image A for what the link will look like.

  4. This will walk you through the installation process.

Image A

Image A

Note you’ll want to review the store requirements here:

During the setup you’ll want to verify the following are setup within your Shopify store:

  • Contact information listed

  • Create a refund policy (shopify has templates)

  • Create a terms of service (shopify has templates)

The link above will guide you through setting these up if they aren’t already.

5. From here you’ll want to start by setting up your Google merchant center account.

If you have a merchant account setup already, you’ll add your login and if not Shopify will set one up for you. In the merchant center account tab within the Google Shopping app, you’ll walk through this process.*

*you’ll need to make sure the Google ads & Google merchant center account use the same login to complete the setup

Almost everything within Shopify should populate correctly and connect to the merchant center. Shopify will show you any errors and check the Merchant center as well.

6. Shipping Settings

Google merchant shipping settings.png

This is the most common place we see a problem within this setup. Often times you won’t realize this until your products get disapproved in the Google merchant center and you’ve already wasted a few days. Let Shopify sync through this process and ideally you want to click automatically import my shipping settings. There are some cases where you won’t be able to do this. We’ve seen it if you have a type of shipping setup in Shopify that doesn’t match up directly with Google merchant center. Shopify will tell you if you can or can’t.

Your merchant center is complete. It will take a couple of hours for the products to sync up within the merchant center. Don’t be alarmed if they aren’t in there right away. Check back later.

Note that it can take up to 10 business days to go through the initial approval process in the Merchant center. Don’t think as soon as you set this up you’ll have shopping ads running.

6. Google Ads Account

Now it’s time to setup your Google ads account and link everything together. Go to the Google ads account tab in the Shopify Google app.

Just link the Merchant center it will walk you through either creating a new Google ads account or linking your existing account.

7. Once you’ve completed all of these steps it’s time to wait. Check back in the Google merchant center every couple of days.

Google Conversion Tracking

The best part about the Shopify app is the Google conversion tracking. In most cases you’ll need to setup the conversion tracking on your checkout page, but with the Google shopping app, Shopify does this for your and sets up other tracking as well.

In your Google ads account go to Tools & Settings > Conversions and you should see this:

shopify google conversion tracking.png

Not only will it track your purchases, but it will track other metrics like add to cart. Be sure and check our our blog about all conversions and conversion columns so you are tracking the right conversions types.

If you need any help with this, feel free to message on our Facebook page or text 407-906-3867 & we’ll be happy to help.

The Shopify app allows you to setup a Smart Shopping campaign directly in Shopify. Here’s more information on Smart Shopping: