How To Create A Google Ads Account

  1. Start here Google Adwords

  2. Click the green start now button

  3. Enter the email address* you would like to use and your website, then click continue.

    1. *The email address must be associated with a Google account. Most likely unless your email address is gmail, you have to set this up. Click here to do it before you can complete step 3. From this page you can also just create a gmail address if you would prefer.

  4. STOP for a minute on this page. Google will potentially force you into an Adwords express account. Do not let them. Look in the upper left hand corner and make sure it does not say Google Adwords Express. If it does there should be a text banner below which states the following: Welcome to AdWords Express Based on info you provided and a scan of your website, your business is a good fit for AdWords Express. AdWords Express automatically fine-tunes your ad settings to save you time and help you reach more customers. Compare AdWords Express with AdWords.

    1. If that's the case click Compare Adwords Express With Adwords

      1. This will give you an option to switch to Google Adwords by clicking the grey banner that says Switch to Adwords

      2. If that's the case it will bring you to the next page which should only say Google Adwords in the upper left corner, not Google Adwords Express

    2. If they put you into Google Adwords it will drop you directly into the correct page

  5. First campaign creation - unfortunately there is no way to bypass this page. If you have your first campaign ready, proceed with the setup. Typically what we do is just add placeholder information to bypass this section of the setup.

    1. Enter budget

    2. Enter the location you would like this campaign to target

    3. Choose the networks you would like to show your ads on

    4. Add the keywords for this campaign or accept the recommended keywords to bypass

    5. Choose your bidding method

    6. Write your ad

      1. This is the one you can't bypass without actually typing something. I just write test on every line

    7. Save and continue

  6. Payment information - you must first setup payment information to finish creating your account. You can either add a credit card or checking account.

    1. Choose billing country

    2. Choose time zone (be careful here as you can never change this and it affects your reporting)

    3. Add offer code if you have one

    4. Add billing name and address

    5. Add primary contact

    6. Choose checking account or credit card

    7. Enter billing information

    8. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions

    9. Click finish and create ad

  7. Your account is now setup, click the blue button Go To Your Account*

    1. *be careful as the campaign you setup is now live. If you would like to keep it live, don't do anything. If not, make sure you turn it off or delete it immediately by following these steps:

      1. Click campaigns on the left side of the page

      2. Check the box on the left of the campaign name

      3. A blue line will pop up, click the edit dropdown and either pause or delete the campaign.