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With sales down 11% from 2016 to 2017 Fenix Lighting came to us with hopes and dreams of significant growth in 2018. 2018 was to be the year they started to make a name for themselves in the flashlight and headlamp market. Up against much larger companies like Petzl and Maglite with decades of history Fenix Lighting was ready to start taking market share with their superior products. Prior to 2018 minimal marketing was done and what was done had no clear strategy. That was about to change.

With an increase in marketing spend the first half of 2018 sales were up 32% over 2017. With paid marketing showing value and the momentum starting to kick in, they reached out to us to put a plan together and take the brand to the next level. In the meantime Fenix Lighting launched in REI and Grainger stores and was beginning to become a name in the industry.

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Increase sales while maintaining a consistent marketing budget as a percent of total revenue. Growth, but efficient and profitable growth. While the momentum was beginning, the brand didn’t have room yet for a branding budget. The growth was going to come through efficient paid media channels. A perfect client for RelayPM.



Expand Google marketing tactics, launch Facebook & Bing.


We approached with a full funnel strategy. We knew not only did we need to own our brand and current customers, but we need to continue to expose new people to the brand. Starting with identifying who our target audience was, we used both Facebook and YouTube for the top of funnel strategy using videos to find our target audience and introduce them to what our products were capable of. We continued bringing them down the funnel using Google search, Bing search, Google Shopping, Google Display Network and Facebook ads. 

To capture our bottom of funnel we make sure and own our brand on search and stay in front of customers on Facebook through a holistic remarketing strategy.

Our strategy is continually being analyzed and adjusted based on the results. If certain channels and tactics outperform others, we shift budget accordingly, always monitoring the data and staying nimble with our marketing dollars.


Going into June 2018 we kicked our marketing plan into gear followed by 7 straight months of growth. Yes, December to January dipped, but January 2019 was up 107% over January 2018.

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Ad Examples

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