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Buy Me Bunch Buy Me Bunch was lucky enough to experience rapid growth organically through Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.  Enough so that keeping up with that demand was a challenge within itself and expanding into paid marketing was not even a consideration.  During this rapid growth they were purchased by another client, The Chive, who sold a significant amount of t-shirts and other apparel to a similar audience through their eCommerce site The Chivery.  With a larger company backing them, Buy Me Brunch was in a position to handle increased growth.  Because we were seeing significant success with The Chivery on Facebook advertising, we decided to start there with Buy Me Brunch.

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Test targeting ads towards current followers and fans of Buy Me Brunch as well as custom and lookalike audiences to increase new customers.


Facebook and Instagram ads.

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For the first 2-3 months, we averaged a 200% return on ad spend while we tested out a different ad types, creatives, and audiences.  We dropped our initial cost per conversion by 130% within two months.  About 3 months in we were starting to see so much success from non-fans, which were more likely to be new customers, that we shifted all the budget to these audiences. From here, we were able to drive a 400% return on ad spend consistently (keep in mind that was during non-peak seasons). During November and December, we were seeing an 800% return on ad spend (see the spikes in the chart below).  On average, we were driving 250+ new orders per month with more than $50,000 in additional revenue.  Also, we were only reporting on click conversions so no view through were given credit. Alongside increasing orders and seeing a 400% return on ad spend in the first 12 months, we increased their page likes from 10k to 65k directly from our ads.

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