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Building Reports has been generating business leads through Google Adwords for four years, but only in the past two have they increased their budgets and setup conversion tracking to track the performance of the campaigns.  The quality of the leads was good, the volume was okay, but the cost per lead was high and getting worse in recent months.  Because of this, 2017 budgets for paid search had been decreased.  After vetting a few different agencies and seeing our extensive experience generating efficient leads for B2B clients, they decided to go with us to manage their pay per click campaigns.

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Decrease the cost per lead within the current budget which would in turn increase leads.



Google Adwords.



Within the first two months, we increased their leads by 77% and most importantly decreased their cost per lead by 260%.  We have since continued to improve efficiency, but also improve the quality of the leads by consistently monitoring search query data, receiving feedback from the client on which campaigns and keywords are driving high or low quality leads, and adjusting our bids and tactics based on that feedback.  Unfortunately, we are stuck with the decreased budgets for the remainder of 2017, but we will be looking to increase budget for 2018 and expand into other channels.

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