Update: Instagram Release, Now You Can Add Polls To Stories Ads

Roughly two years ago Instagram released the ability to add interactive elements to Instagram Stories. According to Instagram, now 500 million Instagram accounts are using Stories every day. If you’ve been running Facebook or Instagram ads for any business recently, you’ve likely tested running stories ads. Well 60% of businesses every month are using interactive elements in their organic stories posts. Now these businesses have the opportunity to expand their exposure to these interactive elements using Instagram ads.

What are Interactive elements In Instagram Stories?

The interactive elements according to Instagram are poll stickers, @mentions, or hashtags.

Poll Stickers

Polls allow you to write a question in the story and have answers the viewer can choose from. When you post your followers can vote and you can see real time results. There are a lot of uses for these that are fun and engaging. We’ve had multiple clients use them for product votes. For example, two t-shirt brands we work with run these to decide which t-shirt designs they should produce. They will design between 3-5 variations and let their followers vote for which they like best. The winning design will move onto production. Being able to run ads to these polls will be a great way to increase the number of votes and build exposure to the products.

According to Instagram In 9 out of 10 beta campaigns, the polling sticker increased 3-second video views

Hashtag Stickers

When you create your story you can choose to show multiple hashtags directly on the story that are interactive. When viewers watch the story they’ll be able to tap the hashtag you enter and view the page for that hashtag.

@ Mentions

@Mentions work just like hashtag stickers. Integrate them into your story and users can tap the mentions to go directly to the page.

For more information on Instagram Stories for business check out Instagram.

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Quit The Guesswork, Discover Audience Insights Through Surveys

surveys 8.jpg

About a week ago, our office was discussing the age target of a potential client that we’re speaking with. The client sells boutique women’s clothing at a low-to-mid price range. We agreed that teenagers were most likely the targeted audience. After a little digging into their data through Shopify’s profile data and Google Analytics demographic data, we discovered that a majority of purchases made were from women in their early 20’s.

This led to another question: If the website is targeting teenagers, but women in their early 20’s are the primary buyers, then are teenagers still primarily shopping at brick and mortar locations? We needed answers fast with quantifiable data. Our Social Media Manager suggested that we post a survey on Facebook. After doing a little more research, we discovered Survey Monkey. Within about 30 minutes, we created a couple Facebook ads and had everything up and running.

We didn’t know what to expect with engagement and survey completions (since we didn’t offer an incentive to fill it out), so we started two campaigns (one targeting Facebook, one targeting Instagram) at a daily budget of $8. Our goal was to maximize clients, target the 13-18 age demographic, and leave the rest open for Facebook’s algorithms to optimize our reach.

We ran two ads on Facebook:

surveys 1.png

And one on Instagam:

suveys 3.png

Our Instagram campaign drove 204 clicks at $0.18 Cost-Per-Click, while our Facebook campaign drove 106 clicks at $0.37 Cost-Per-Click. Due to time restrictions, we didn’t worry about tracking actual completion data through Facebook. Survey Monkey’s free version allows for you to collect 100 surveys (which we reached with those 310 clicks). Here is a sample of the data we collected:

surveys 5.png
suveys 6.png
surveys 4.png
surveys 7.png

Simple right? For $75 we acquired some real actionable data for our potential client. These simple surveys provide endless potential. If you already have a large fan-base to work with, you can acquire valuable data at no cost to you. Survey Monkey provides the code to embed your survey anywhere. Our next step is to test whether incentives like “Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card!” would attract enough engagement to drive Cost-Per-Click down to cover the cost. Another benefit is that you would have a reason to collect email addresses for further testing. Stay tuned to see how the results compare!

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