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Google Ads: Standard Delivery Now The Only Option

As of today, October 7th there is no longer two choices when it comes to Google ads delivery options for search and shopping.

Unfamiliar to some, Google ads has always had two options for how your ads were delivered:

  • Standard

  • Accelerated

The way we’ve typically determined the best option is based on budget. If we were running a campaign that was budget-restricted we would use standard delivery and if we were not budget-restricted we would use accelerated delivery.

What we mean by budget-restricted is simply that we were hitting our daily budget just about every day. If that was the case, using standard delivery, Google attempted to show the ads more evenly throughout the day. There were many cases where if you were budget restricted and you had accelerated delivery, you could run through your budget in the first few hours of the day.

Standard Delivery

Here’s how Google describes it:

Google optimizes your spend to be more reflective of targeted inventory user search (eg.user searches for your product/service). Your budget is distributed across the entire day to avoid exhausting your budget early. Distribution occurs over the hours your ads are scheduled to show.

Makes perfect sense correct? The entire reason for standard delivery was simply so an advertiser didn’t spend their budget first thing in the morning and the average advertiser may not have realized that was ever happening. This is why standard delivery has always been the default.

Not too much to explain there and that’s why this is now the only option.

Accelerated Delivery

Here’s how Google describes it:

Accelerated delivery is optimized less when compared to standard delivery, and spends your budget rapidly when compared to standard delivery. Accelerated delivery isn’t recommended for most advertisers. So if your campaign is limited by budget, your campaign may exhaust most of the budget in the early hours of the day, which may not be reflective of when most users are looking for your product/service.

The description Google gives isn’t exactly the reason one would use it. Search volume can fluctuate any given day up or down. Many advertisers used accelerated delivery (assuming we weren’t restricted by budget) in order to ensure we would get served more impressions. Often times we would be on standard delivery and if we switched over to accelerated delivery we would get more clicks and impressions.

This wasn’t necessarily so the advertiser would get more traffic earlier in the day, but that you would get more traffic and we weren’t leaving it up to Google to calculate in real-time how you would spend throughout the say, thus oftentimes restricted when your ad showed. Google may decide to throttle back your delivery because they are planning on more searches throughout the day, but if they were wrong about the search volume later in the day you wouldn’t get the traffic you needed or they may try and rush your delivery later in the day to make up for earlier in the day.

Here are some warnings from Google about accelerated delivery:

Google ads accelerated delivery.png

Why Get Rid Of The Option?

As advertisers, we aren’t able to see the data Google used to make this decision, but simply this was another way for Google to force advertisers into their AI technology. They believe (whether true or not) that with their machine learning that they are now better able to manage clients’ budgets throughout the day.

It’s too early to determine whether that’s true or not, but we’ll see in the coming weeks. We can only expect Google pushing us into their machine learning to continue, whether us advertisers like it or not.