Google Shopping Actions & The New Google Shopping Experience

What Are Google Shopping Actions?

In a recent blog we talked about Google Express. We mentioned in the article that Google Shopping Actions are how you get listed on Google Express. Earlier this month at Google Marketing Live Google announced the launch of revamped Google Shopping and that what was Google Express is now being rolled into this new platform.

Google Shopping Actions allow retailers to showcase their products across Google properties (including Google Assistant devices) and purchase direction through their universal shopping cart. There are two main benefits to this platform when compared to traditional Google Shopping Ads:

  1. Customers purchase through the universal shopping cart with all their information already saved through Google pay. This can be a benefit to large retailers, but especially to smaller retailers that may not have the trust factor that Google does.

  2. All sales are commission based for the retailer. The retailers pays a percentage of the purchase price, but unlike Google Shopping Ads, only if and when a purchase is made. Here is the list of commissions.

While it is currently an advantage to be listed on Google Express because it has its own app and platform exclusive to retailers that list through Google Shopping Actions, once the product is rolled into Google Shopping later this year, the placements will be the similar with the exception of Google Assistant. Google Assistant will remain only for Google Shopping Actions retailers.

Should I Switch From Google Shopping To Google Shopping Actions?

The best part about Google Shopping Actions is the platform is completely separate from Google Shopping and can be run by itself or in addition to traditional Google Shopping Ads. In fact, between the testing Google has done and independent testing many retailers are seeing a net new increase in sales. Initially Google Shopping Actions will take some traffic from Google Shopping Ads, but the overall volume will increase.

Get Started With Google Shopping Actions

There are a few requirements to enter the program.

  1. You must have a US fulfillment and returns operation.

  2. There are some restricted categories listed here so you have to have products outside of those.

  3. You must meet returns and customer support standards as required by Google

If you meet that criteria, to get started you’ll sign up here. The integration is done through the Google Merchant center. If you already are running Google Shopping Ads, the setup will be much simpler.

What’s New With Google Shopping?


Google Express is being rolled into Google Shopping and the Google Shopping homepage will look more like the Google Express homepage. There will be increased filters and search capabilities to improve the user experience. Currently most product searches begin on, but the new Google shopping will be designed as a destination to begin your search.

Also, a later addition is that Google Shopping ads will be expanded to Youtube and Google Images. If you offer in store pickup, they’ll be expanded integration for that in which you can sign up here.