Yahoo Search Ads: Where Are They Now?

In recent years there’s been constant changes to how pay per click ads are served on Yahoo search. We frequently get the question from clients: what happened to Yahoo, can we still advertise there? For the past few years the short answer has been “you already are.” Yahoo has been serving a mix of Google and/or Bing search ads for the last few years. The caveat here is technically yes, Yahoo has had it’s own search platform where you could buy ads directly through Yahoo Gemini.

In the middle of 2017 Yahoo was acquired by Verizon. It took them a little over a year to make any major changes to their advertising and in the fall of last year they launched Oath. Essentially the combined Brightroll, AOL, & Yahoo advertising options into one. Visit Oath to see more information on their new opportunities. You now have native, search, DSP and exchange buying opportunities. The idea is to compete with the likes of Google and Facebook. Read more here about the launch of Oath.

At RelayPM, we tested a few advertisers directly on Yahoo Gemini in recent years, but each time we found that all we were doing was moving those placements from Google & Bing over to Yahoo. In the end we gained no traffic, in most cases paid more and had to manage a third platform. To top it off it was not an easy platform to work with.

yahoo search on bing.png

Currently, if you login to your Bing Ads account you can segment by network and see AOL along with Bing & Yahoo search for placement data. (see image). When Yahoo first launched Gemini and was separating from Google and Bing, they struggled getting enough advertisers to move over and it’s been a challenge for years. Like us, most advertisers didn’t see the benefit of managing an entirely separate platform for what we were getting out of it.

This week many in the pay per click advertising industry got what they were hoping for. Search traffic on Yahoo will be completely managed through Bing search ads. See the full press release below.

yahoo seach update bing.png

This announcement should come as a relief to those in the industry. If you have any questions on this migration and are still running search ads through Yahoo Gemini/Oath please direct them to your Bing rep or feel free to message us anytime on our website. We’ll be happy to help. The migration will begin on March 15, 2019 so you still have plenty of time.

There will be a couple things to look for in the coming months especially if you are not currently running Yahoo Gemini/Oath or even Bing ads. Monitor your traffic on Google for any potential decreases. No one has ever really known exactly how much of Yahoo search ads were served by Google. If you are running Bing ads and Google ads, monitor for any traffic decreases on Google and check to see if you gain those impressions on Bing. Maybe the segment report will begin to break out Bing and Yahoo which would be ideal. It’s always been odd they separate AOL, but combine Bing and Yahoo search networks as one. It’s never made much sense.

Let us know what you see in your accounts.