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Adoption Network had a long history of running six figures per month on Google and Bing pay per click campaigns to generate leads efficiently for their business.  After a change of agencies was made two years before us taking over, that all began to change.  With multiple agencies in two years, things only got worse and their business was drastically feeling the effects.  After reviewing their accounts, we found numerous issues including spending thousands of dollars per month on search queries around pet adoption.  Adoption Network decided to try one more shot at saving the business with a new agency. That’s where we come in.

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Increase lead volume while improving the quality of the leads and bring down the cost per lead.



Google and Bing (later on expanded to Facebook).



In the first month, we increased leads by 38% while decreasing the cost per lead by 42%.  More than a year later, we're still managing the client with consistent results.  Year over year leads are up 350% with the cost per lead down 55%.  We've also expanded their lead sources to Facebook, while consistently improving quality.  Adoption Network is well on their way to a full recovery and continued growth.