About Us

Service you need. Performance you want. Dedication you can trust.

“We are a true performance-based agency. Our clients want results and that’s what we give them. It’s just that simple.”
- Tom Roberts, Owner & CEO


We get it. Before you work with us, you want to know a little more about who we are. Fair enough.

Here’s a quick history lesson. In 2006, our founder, Tom Roberts, took an internship opportunity just like thousands of other college seniors. But unlike most of those seniors, his internship would change his life forever. Sure, that seems a little dramatic, but the deeper he dove into the complex world of search engine marketing, the deeper his passion for Google Adwords, Yahoo and all the rest became.

Eight years and six cities later, Tom had gained experience in both agency and in-house settings, holding all kinds of roles from search specialist, to director, to manager of hundreds of clients and multi-million dollar budgets. But something was missing, and he became convinced that his clients would get better results if he could give them the personal attention they deserved. This nagging feeling (and a great deal of careful planning) eventually led to the creation of Relay Paid Media.


Although it’s been more than 10 years since that fateful internship, Tom’s passion for creating top-notch digital strategies has only grown stronger. And our team at Relay Paid Media is not only good at what we do – we’re great at it. Our portfolio includes clients from all across the United States, most of whom we’ve taken the initiative to meet in person. This personal contact means that we can be more than a contract. We can be your partner. Whether you want to be heavily involved with weekly calls and ad hoc reports, or you’d rather just sit back, relax and earn more profit, we’ll do this thing on your terms. Sound good?


Believe it or not, our biggest differentiator is that our founder was actually managing paid media campaigns personally for more than 7 years before launching Relay.  Tom spent that time working on dozens of clients with different goals and backgrounds before going out on his own.  He was in four in house and three agency roles learning everything he could about the business and diving deeper into paid media and learning something unique and different at every role.  This experience is what led to the start of Relay and knowing exactly what clients are looking for.  

Relay Paid Media provides:

Paid Search

Paid Social

Paid Display

Paid Video